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Shanghai Maiyi Culture And Arts Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China modern people wax figure ma li san manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy cheap and wholesale high-quality modern people wax figure ma li san from our professional factory. And if you are checking price, in China, or modern people wax figure ma li san for sale, please feel free to contact us.
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Modern people wax figure Ma Li san manufacturers  
Modern people wax figure Ma Li san suppliers
Item Name: Modern people wax figure Ma Li san
Model NO: MW-3
Material : silicone & resin
Type: General Figures
Usage: Museum display; Art & Collection;Exhibition
Size: Life size
Color: Nature color
Customized: Accepted  
Origin: Shanghai China
Packing: Wooden cases
Price: Negotiation
Delivery Time: 45 Working Days after deposite received
Payment terms: T/T
Trade Terms: FOB Shanghai
Difference between silicone statue and traditional wax works:
Type Silicone statue Traditional wax works
skin the surface close to real man's skin  the surface skin is simple treatment,looks not so well
color permanent color impermanence color
make up melted into silica gel painted cover the surface
character elastic,can be touched and kneadable directly fragile, touch is for bidden
Dealing can be washed & scrubbing only can be wiped lightly
storage normal temperature can't be too hot or cold, around 22°C

Modern people wax figure Ma Li san design  
Modern people wax figure Ma Li san customized
The production process of a wax  figure:
Ⅰ.Creating a clay sculpture by meticulous carving.
Ⅱ.Making a mold with wax , calling a preliminary model too
Ⅲ.Whittling the wax to be smooth and natural
Ⅳ.Implanting the hair and making up to be actual
Ⅴ.Fill the details of x, prepare props
Ⅵ.Finished product display
Who we are :
As a manufacturer of wax figure located in Shanghai, China, we owns three physical plants here. Since established in 2012, our company has developed to be the largest wax figures suppliers of Shanghai. From us, you can custom hyper realistic wax figures, silicone wax statues, fiberglass sculptures and other simulated animal statues .  

Our Product Ranges
wax museum Design
Art Sculpture
Scene Recovery
WAX Figure &Silicone Statue
1.Q:How long will your wax figures can be keep?
A: Normally, our wax figures can be kept 15-20 years indoors.
2.Q: How to maintain these wax figures if we bought them ?
A: Please wipe the dust off slightly with a wet cloth. Except this, there's no anything else to be maintained.
3.Q: What's your price of a wax figure ?
We strive to offer great prices with a large variety of wax figure If you have any questions, click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at +8613611905724 Or mail to us waxfigure@maiyiart.com High-quality male statue

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