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Product Information:

Module No.:HSM12232A
Display Type:122 x 32 Dots
Outline Size:68.6 x 27.5 x 7.4mm
Viewing Area:61 x 18mm
Screen Color:Yellow-Green/Blue/Gray
Backlight Color:Yellow-Green/Green/White/Blue/Orange/Red
Backlight:Side LED
Driver IC:SED1520
Connector:Conductive Silicon Rubber
Pin Number:18
Interface:8 BIT bus MPU interface
Driver Condition:1/35 Duty,1/5 Bias
Viewing Direction:6 O’Clock
Operating Voltage:5V/3.3V
Operating Temperature:-20~+70℃
Storage Temperature:-30~+80℃

Product Description:
Graphic LCD 122 x 32 (dots)
● STN-YG / STN-Blue / STN-Gray /FSTN-Gray
● +3.3V / +5.0V power supply
● Viewing Direction: 6H / 12H
● Backlight (Side LED): Yellow-Green / Green / White / Blue / Orange / Red / Amber / RGB

Mechanical Diagram:

Interface Pin Description:
Pin No.SymbolFunction
1VDDPower supply input for driver IC (+5V)
2VSSGround (0V)
3VOLCD driver supply voltages,Contrast Adjust
4RSTReset signal
5E1Enable signal IC1(U2)
6E2Enable signal IC2(U1)
7RWRead write control 0:write 1:read
8RS0:DB0-DB7= Command 1: DB0-DB7= Data
9-16DB0~DB7data bus for 8 bit interface

1. Q: Are you factory or trade company?
A: We are professional factory,which specializes in TN, HTN, FSTN, STN monochrome LCD, LED backlight, LCD module, TFT and OLED more than 11 years in Shenzhen! Our advanced full set equipment make sure good quality and competitive price!

2. Q: How can I get the samples?
A: Send inquiry → offer quotation →confirm quotation & pay tooling charge → provide drawing → confirm drawing → make tooling & samples → samples finished → delivery via freight.

3. Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
A: Drawing: 2-3 days.
Sample time: 15-20 business days.

4. Q: Will you offer free sample?
A: Yes, we usually provide 1-2 pcs free samples, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

5. Q: Can you design the lcd in accordance with our demand?
A: Sure. We will give you the best tooling charge.

6. Q: How to place orders ?
A: If you confirm samples ok, please send us your purchase order by e-mail,then we will send you an invoice for deposit payment. We need to know the following information of your order.
1) Product information-quantity, part number.
2) Delivery time required.
3) Shipping information-company name,address, phone number, destination sea port.
4) Forwarder's contact details if you have any in China.

7. Q: How long of mass production?
A: 25-30 business days.It depends on order quantities and part number.Customized Standard LCD Module

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